Monitor is a comprehensive marine monitoring and security system with GSM remote communication (via your mobile phone). Depending on the model it protects against boat intrusion, boat movement (using built in GPS) and monitors other boat systems.

When the boat alarm is triggered you are informed by text message and an onboard siren and/or strobe is set off. When you want to know what is happening on board you interrogate it via text messaging.

The standard model is supplied suitable for use on a 12v system, however 24v systems are available by special order.


Boat Alarm

Using an array of intrusion detectors Monitor will sound an alarm (including a strobe light) on board the boat and at the same time inform up to 10 mobile phones of the intrusion. If the boat is taken or moves outside of a user defined area, up to 10 mobiles are informed (not Monitor I). A Sleep Safe/Part Arm feature allows for sleeping on board whilst maintaining protection from outside sensors (not Monitor I)


Boat Monitoring

Monitor will also sense and inform when the battery levels fall, bilge levels rise*1, the smoke alarm is activated*1 and so on. This monitoring is always on whether the boat alarm is set or not. You can listen via phone to what is happening on board*1 and speak to those on board*1. If you are slipping an anchor then it will inform you when a user set distance is breeched and can be configured to inform if a user definable speed is breeched (not Monitor I) or if you have NMEA equipment on board you can request a report of their outputs*2 (Monitor III only)


*1 - when fitted with the correct accessory

*2 - limited to certain outputs


Boat Control

All Monitor versions can be configured to switch one primary circuit by the key fob and text message (we suggest your lights for safely boarding when arriving back in the dark). Up to a further 8 boat circuits*3 can be remotely switched (by text only) even when you are miles from the boat (not Monitor I).


*3 - 5 circuits (up to 8 if Siren, Strobe & Beeper are not required), requires suitable relays


Boat Tracking (via GPS)

Monitor comes with integrated GPS. This can be used for locating your boats position whether on the sea or trailer, as well as a user definable ‘over-speed’ alarm (all Monitor systems). In addition a GeoFence can be set to provide a movement alarm (see ‘Boat Alarm’ above) and/or an anchor alarm, provide position, speed and heading information (not Monitor I).


Not just a modified car or house alarm

Monitor was designed through consultation with boat owners, marine and security experts and builds on the previous Nautilarm platform.

It is a high quality unit designed for use in the challenging environment and conditions found at sea in particularly the Rugged version is aimed at open or semi open craft.

Monitor has been designed with extremely low power consumption to avoid battery discharge problems. It has built in boat battery monitoring (up to 3 battery banks) which alerts at a user definable voltage and its own internal back up battery should the main power be cut or fail.



There are a number of options to tailor the system to your requirements.


Designed and built in the UK

Monitor was designed and is fully assembled in the UK. The components are all of high grade and designed for use in harsh environments. The GSM units are made from components approved by mobile phone network providers.


What you need

All of the Monitor versions are supplied as a standard kit, which is then tailored to suit your needs. Systems are supplied with instructions should the preference be to carry out a DIY installation. With the exception of any holes required to pass through internal panels or trim etc. no specialist tools are required. The fixing kit is supplied with a small flat blade screwdriver for connecting the terminations into the control panel. Other than this it is recommended that a suitably sized and correct format screwdrivers and side cutters are all that is required.

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