Installation Considerations & Guidence

Monitor systems are suitable for DIY installation, however there are a number of considerations such as an individuals technical ability and the type of installation required, someone with a good electrical/electronics trade knowledge will be comfMonitor Rugged Control Box Installationortable with the installation.

Cable runs, completed such that they are left hidden and without damaging the fabric of the boat, will probably present the biggest challenge and as is the case in any installation of a similar nature, take the majority of the time.

Some ancillaries such as the Shore Power Sensor (which involves working with Mains Power) and NMEA connection (which requires a broad knowledge of the NMEA protocols and the equipment using NMEA) must be installed by suitably qualified engineer, Professional Marine Installers are familiar with these challenges so are well equipped to carry out any Monitor Installation.

 Monitor GSM Module

Step by step guidence in desiging the system layout is deatiled in System Layout